Our menu

Relax in our friendly and beautiful lounge with a book & a cup of coffee or come and have lunch or dinner in our refurbished bistro with a view of our garden.

Our bistro menu is traditional with a fresh touch.

We guarantee a safe & welcoming stay!

Shrimp croquettes 2p
Cheese croquettes 2p
Carpaccio of beef
Bisque de crevettes
Soup of the day

Salad with different kinds of smoked fish & Belgian fries
Salad with scampi & Belgian fries

Main courses
Langoustines | garlic butter & pasta
Lasagne bolognaise
Vegetarian lasagne
Cod | sauce made from shrimps & mashed potatoes
Shrimp croquettes 2 or 3p | mixed salad & Belgian fries
Filet of porc stuffed with mozzarella & pesto | gratin dauphinois
Casserole of fish (salmon, sole, scallop, cod) 
Duck | honey & port sauce | gratin dauphinois
Boeuf Bourguignon

Duo of sorbet served with red fruit
Coupe Brésillienne
Dame blanche
Coupe advocat
Crème brûlée
Cheese platter
Café gourmande